Svaroopa® Yoga

Svaroopa® yoga is known for its compassionate approach to profoundly healing and transforming the body and mind. Using deceptively simple poses, Svaroopa® yoga positions your body in precise gentle angles, using blankets, blocks, chairs and hands on alignments. The, support of the props, weight, and angles of your body reliably release deep spinal muscles. As core muscles of the physical body open, a quieting of the mind and a balancing of the subtle energy systems occurs. This practice creates a blissful awareness that is carried into all areas of your life. This simple reliable yoga can be learned and practiced at home as well as in class. It is an accessible practice for the hesitant new student and radical for the seasoned yogi.
"I relax in places where I didn't even know I held tension."    - Mari Cobb

"Svaroopa® yoga has relieved the lower back pain that I had for two years when nothing else helped."    - Pam Parker


SVAROOPA®, EMBODYMENT®, and YOGABODY® are registered service marks of S.T.C., Inc and are used by permission.